May 19, 2017

We are looking forward to our upcoming Show ‘Three Of A Kind’

A Group Show with Miss Van, Dave Decat and Mode 2

May 17, 2017

The latest from MOSES & TAPS™

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Katarakt, 200×130 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2017

April 27, 2017

Upcoming show…Dave Decat on 8/6/2017 with Miss Van and Mode 2

Cover by Dave Decat, 2016

April 22, 2017

Artworks by Dave Decat from the show Dirty Livin’

On June 8th he will present his latest works at the group show ‘Three Of A Kind’

April 7, 2017

Soon to come…Miss Van Opening June 8th

Detail of Blooming Muse III by Miss Van

April 1, 2017

Biography of Mode 2

                                                                                                                              Credit Joel Fox

Born in Mauritius in 1967, Mode 2 arrived in London in the hot summer of 1976, discovering a whole new environment from that of his native island, where punk was in full boom, while dub and reggae were the prevalent musical backdrop of his Lewisham neighbourhood.

Having been drawing since he was small, his mother supplied him and his siblings with comics, and encouraged to watch TV and listen to the radio, in order to lear English as quickly as possible. With 2000AD as a weekly comic, Star Wars coming out in 1977, and an introduction to The Lord Of The Rings and Dungeons & Dragons by a friend of his oldest brother, Mode 2 was constantly inspired to explore these genres with his drawings, while also trying out the odd oil paintings and aquarelles.

By the early eighties though, the sound of electro and rap, along with the discovery of spray-painting, via Malcom McLaren’s Buffalo Gals video, turned his focus towards new horizons. So; from the summer of 1984, we would find him hanging around Covent Garden, where Hip Hop culture had found a new home, and pretty much everybody from the London scene hung out. Having already been interested in lettering and logos, picking up the marker and spray-can was a logical step for him. That summer, he would pair up with another artist called Scribla, and then with Zaki Dee and his crew, and paint on different events where he would also run into Pride, and 3D (Massive Attack).

He helped to form a new crew called The Chrome Angelz, in March 1985, then met with Bando from Paris, before going there to paint in May that year. Along with the music, the travelling and exchanging of styles made everybody progress very quickly in that short space of time, meeting up with Shoe from Amsterdam in mid-July, and travelling yet further as the years went by.

He settled in Paris to work in computer graphics in 1987, but didn’t stay there long, getting back to murals, posters, logos and contributing to the Hip Hop scene, having one of his characters on the front cover of the seminal book Spraycan Art. He did record sleeves, the posters for dance events, or collaborations with photographers like Jean-Baptiste Mondino or later Harri Peccinotti, before eventually beginning to regularly produce paintings from 1995.

Having taken part in many events and festivals; from the ones organised by the scene itself, to official and historical events such as Art In The Streets at the MoCA in Los Angeles, to co-curating The Bridges Of Graffiti at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015, Mode 2 has always been a keen live performer, emphasising how the culture is based around action itself, whether in dance, music or on the microphone. He is also considered to be one of the historians of the culture (before the digital revolution muddied the waters somewhat), with his personal photo archive having recorded its evolution, alongside his continuing artistic output.

N.O.madski // Zwischen Kunst & Vandalimus

Interview with N.O.madski in the latest Hansestyle


March 11, 2017

Coming Soon SOZYONE

Opening Thursday March 23rd


March 6, 2017

FOREVER YOUNG by Pablo „Sozyone“ Gonzalez, Santa Magnetica

March 23rd until may 26th 2017

FOREVER YOUNG is already the second show oft he artist Pablo `Sozyone` Gonzalez at Golden Hands Gallery.

After participating in a group show together with Honet and Sixe Paredes in 2015 he returns to celebrate the gallery´s second anniversary with this solo show.

FOREVER YOUNG ist the result of an extended artistic journey born from the desire to reach a whole new level of artistic expression. After a feeling of being stuck in a repetition of what he had been doing so far it took him back to Santa Magnetica, where he spent a lot of time reflecting on how to escape from this vicious circle. As a result of this he describes as if he ´had gained inspiration for another 20 years`. Exactly this feeling made him choose FOREVER YOUNG as this exhibition´s title.

It ist he clarity and perfection of nature that gives Sozyone inspiration for the concept that is behind the artworks displayed at FOREVER YOUNG. He samples collages, uses acrylic paints in layers working with spraypaint and brushes. He draws, prints and cuts out in his very own rhythm and flow. As a result he creates intense artworks that are very well balanced between harmony and oppositions. There are mostly images that show a hard and rough attitude with a sensitive touch.


 Pablo „Sozyone“ Gonzalez

The artist was born in 1973 in brussels where he studied fine arts at the Royal Academy of Arts. After various stays in different countries it finally led him to Santa Magnetica – the place of his desire. It is source of his inspiration and home to his partner DEMSKY as well.

Sozyone is deeply connected to Hamburg and has a very long artictic history in this town. Already in 2008 he had his first solo show at Dr. Christoph Tornow´s Vicious Gallery. As time went by Sozyone´s exhibitions became one oft he gallery´s trademarks and made it known internationally. Back then he did various solo and group shows and participated in projects like Turmkunst in Berlin-Steglitz (www.turmkunst.de).

After this show at GOLDEN HANDS GALLERY Sozyone will have further solo shows in Paris and Zurich in 2017 besides further murals and publications.


– German version –

FOREVER YOUNG ist bereits die zweite Ausstellung des in Valencia lebenden Künstlers Pablo „Sozyone“ Gonzalez in der GOLDEN HANDS GALLERY. Nach seiner Teilnahme an einer Gruppenausstellung mit HONET und Sixe Paredes im Jahr 2015, kehrt er nach Hamburg zurück, um mit FOREVER YOUNG die nächste Stufe seiner künstlerischen Entwicklung zu präsentieren und zudem das zweijährige Bestehen der Hamburger Galerie zu feiern.

FOREVER YOUNG ist das Ergebnis einer langen kreativen Reise und geprägt von dem Wunsch, mit seinem künstlerischen Ausdruck eine neue Ebene zu erreichen. Sozyone war nach eigener Aussage an einem Punkt angelangt, an dem die Angst vor der Wiederholung scheinbar den kreativen Fluss lähmte. Die letzten Monate in Santa Magnetica hat er also damit verbracht, über seine künstlerische Entwicklung zu sinnieren. Nun ist er beseelt von dem Gefühl, dass er einem Teufelskreis entkommen konnte. Durch die Weiterentwicklung hat er neue Inspirationen für die nächsten 20 Jahre des Schaffens erlangt. Aus genau diesem Gefühl leitet sich auch der Ausstellungstitel ab: FOREVER YOUNG.

Dabei sind es die Klarheit und Perfektion der Natur, die Sozyone die Inspiration für das Konzept seiner Arbeiten gibt, die er in FOREVER YOUNG zeigt. Im Laufe seines Schaffensprozesses hat sich eine eigene Technik herauskristallisiert, mit der er seiner feinsinnigen Kunst den passenden Ausdruck verleiht. Für die Arbeiten auf Leinwand verwendet er Acryllacke, die in einem Layering-Verfahren gesprüht oder mit dem Pinsel aufgetragen werden. Zeichnungen, Collagen aus Cut-Outs und Drucken sowie Skulpturen aus Bronze und Holz ergänzen seine Ausstellung. Seine Arbeiten folgen alle einem eigenen Rhythmus, der für ihn der Schlüssel zu seinem Flow ist. Das Ergebnis sind intensive Werke voller Gegensätze, die in sich harmonieren. Der gleichzeitig harte und dennoch sehr sensible Charakter ist dabei bezeichnend für Soyzones Arbeiten.


Pablo „Sozyone“ Gonzalez

 Der 1973 in Brüssel geborene Künstler hat sich nach seinem Studium an der belgischen Kunsthochschule Royal Academy of Arts und zahlreichen Aufenthalten im Ausland schließlich in Santa Magnetica – dem Ort der Sehnsucht – niedergelassen. Santa Magnetica ist sein Ort der Inspiration und auch Heimat seines künstlerischen Partners DEMS.

Sozyone ist tief mit Hamburg verwurzelt und blickt auf eine jahrelange künstlerische Historie in der Hansestadt zurück. Bereits im Jahr 2008 präsentierte er seine Kunst erstmals in der von Christoph Tornow gegründeten Vicious Gallery. Sozyones Ausstellungen wurden im Laufe der Zeit zum Aushängeschild für die Galerie und bescherten der hiesigen Urban Art-Szene international Anerkennung. Neben zahlreichen Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen, partizipierte Sozyone außerdem am Turmkunst-Projekt in Berlin-Steglitz (www.turmkunst.de).

Auf die Ausstellung in der Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg folgen für Sozyone Soloshows in Turin, Paris und Zürich, flankiert von Murals und diversen Videoanimationen, sowie seiner eigenen Publikation.


Ausstellungseröffnung mit persönlicher Einführung durch Pablo „Sozyone“ Gonzalez (Presse): Donnerstag, 23. März, 16.30 Uhr

Ausstellungseröffnung (öffentlich): Donnerstag, 23. März, 18.00 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer: 23. März bis 26. Mai 2017


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