April 28, 2019

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us 4 years Golden Hands Gallery

April 24, 2019

See you this Friday at the opening reception of our Anniversary show

March 22, 2019

Rundgang #2 of all galleries in Hamburg-Neustadt // 5.April, 7-11pm

Swing by and have a look at our current exhibition LINEAR by the Dortmund-based artist MASON.

Further participating galleries are: Enfants Artspace, Feinkunst Krüger, Golden Hands Gallery, Heliumcowboy Artspace, Kulturreich Hamburg, LKB/G und Tempel 1844


February 20, 2019

Tomorrow it´s happening!!! MASON “LINEAR” opening 7-10pm

Granat, 2017, spray paint on canvas

February 9, 2019


Hello Mason, how are you? Please let us know a bit more about how you got to the point having a solo show at Golden Hands Gallery. How did you get here!? Did you ever study fine arts? 

In 1986 the Dortmund graffiti scene was right at its beginning. Tags and pieces slowly appeared in public and I was interested to learn more about this phenomenon. A couple of weeks later I painted my first artwork at my high school. By time graffiti got more and more important to me and persecution and punishment couldn’t make me quit. In the mid 90ies I once applied to a public art school, but the were not into graffiti at all. After I spoke to some gallerists at that time, I decided not go study fine arts anymore but to follow my own path.


Why are you not using your real name? Are there more alter egos that you are using? Don’t you think that it could make it more difficult to gain success, if people don’t get to know your real name?

Writing your name is the true essence of `American Graffiti`, the name can be seen as another virtual canvas. In public I wrote different names, too, sometimes to avoid more prosecution, sometimes not to get bored.

How would you describe your style? Is it graffiti or something else? Is it possible to transfer your style from the public space onto a canvas?

I call it graffiti. But this is just a brief description that is very vague. I think that I can not pretend that there was no influence by my father, who used to be an architect. Also I am more into typography than into figurative expression. I also try to be true to my style and to simultaneously develop myself further.


Back in the days the hardcore graffiti scene was fighting the idea of becoming commercial with the arts, today there are artists that pretend to be illegal, just to create a better standing to increase their sales.What do you think about this?

In my eyes only the product is important, the finished artwork. Some commercial jobs are not helpful for your credibility, but in the end its not important, if you work for Telekom or the small corner shop. For me it was always important to not sell myself. Most of my commissions were small challenges and fun. And whether a piece is painted legally or illegally says nothing about the quality of the work.

Have you ever been to jail for creating art? Is it worth taking a risk for your art? Is it even mandatory?

Yes. Yes. No :)


Do you think that graffiti/ post- graffiti will be connected with our generation when people of the future think back? Will it be a part modern culture, like rap music?

In my eyes it is already here to stay. Our kids have grown up with a complete different perception of graffiti in public than we did.


Thank you for that interview, Mason.

Dr. Christoph Tornow, Gallerist


February 7, 2019

Coming soon! Mason Opening 21.2 7 pm

January 31, 2019

Biografie MASON

Markus Wiese lebt und arbeitet in Dortmund.

1986 beginnt er mit Lackspray im öffentlichen Raum zu arbeiten. Die Graffitiszene ist kurz vorher in Europa entstanden. Die ersten künstlerischen Einflüsse kommen daher aus der noch sehr kleinen lokalen Bewegung. Durch die nun folgenden Reisen in verschiedene europäische Hauptstädte, wie Amsterdam, Kopenhagen, London oder Paris erweitert sich das eigene Spektrum durch neue Anregungen. Innerhalb der ersten Jahre findet Wiese seinen eigenen Stil, der ihn in den nachfolgenden Jahren weit über die Grenzen Europas bekannt macht.

Ab 1996 veröffentliche er zudem verschieden Bücher, Magazine und Videos.

1998 Gründung der Agentur Masmedia. Zu den Leistungen der Agentur gehören unter anderem Fassaden- und Objektgestaltung, Illustrationen und Multimediaproduktionen.

Ab 1999 Beginn der Zusammenarbeit mit einem Sprühdosenvertrieb und von 2002-2007 Artdirector.

2010-15 Inhaber der Galerie Mattschwarz.

January 9, 2019

Coming soon – linear by Mason

MI VIDA LOCA – Installation view

On display until February 9th

Photo by J. Lindner


December 12, 2018


The print will be available at Golden Hands Gallery and Shopify.

More informations coming soon…

Photo: @edward.nightingale