January 15, 2022


Dear art lovers,

finally we can give you some insight in our upcoming shows
featuring the two berlin based artists PARADOX and LUGOSIS.

For both of them it is their first completely own solo show, the happier we are to be a part of this creative process for both of them, and to give their artistic work the space they absolutely deserve.

On the 2nd of April we will open our doors for PARADOX. Dynamic lines define his letters, he calls them SPIRITUAL LETTERS. This is also where the exhibition title comes from. He embarks on a journey, the level of consciousness of the soul, free from dogmas and material needs of our contemporary society.

On the 18th of June, LUGOSIS will give you an insight
into his view of criminal and hateful society. With his movement studies he has found his very own style.
On the wall, on wood, on canvas, on the skin, or on paper – the main thing is that the color runs and the lines seem to move across the surface of their own accord.

We are full of expectation and look forward,
your Golden Hands Team!

© Kevin Schulzbus

Get to know Luca Lugosis, the artist behind LUGOSIS MILANO. Some refer to him as „Enfant perdu“ and the tattoo on his face makes it clear. No wonder, LUGOSIS started drawing before he was even able to speak. Everywhere and whenever there was time, he would work on his creations without even looking up.Using the walls of his family home in Italy as canvases, these walls quickly turned to be the facades of big cities. Losing himself in his drawings and later in the streets, like a stray dog at night, the now Berlin Based artist left his nest and now is mostly traveling around the world.

Nevertheless, Milan played a major role in the development of who LUGOSIS is today. The streets, the walls, the trains and the people which connect him to the Italian metropolis, led the all-rounder to be one of the most eligible underground artist Europe has to offer.
The cartoons he draws may seem childish and playful, but you might want to take a closer look. The way LUGOSIS transforms his thoughts and perception of the world into illustrations is going to take your breath away.
Inspired by different characters, the weirdos and the misfits, the artist recognizes beauty in the unusual. He expresses his own reality, through a variety of creative approaches. From graffiti to tattooing, he is not trying to judge but to understand.
After collaborating with different kind of Streetwear brands, from „garage screen printers“ on to the „big players“, every project he was involved in, was celebrated by many. It was only a question of time for LUGOSIS to bring his work to another level and create something on his own.


By putting himself into life-threatening situations, the artist is trying to pull a connection between art and life itself. It is a spiritual experience where calligraphy imitates organic forms and speaks to the soul. Being chased by his own feelings and thoughts about the vibrational structure of the world we live in, Paradox is focusing on spreading the “Message from Above”. To Reveal the Truth. To Awaken Humanity. To Open one’s Eyes. With focusing on forms that build the lines of this individualized lettering system, the film is a symbolic step forward, where Paradox drifts from the previous “Fuck the System” into a new path. Rule-breaking is switched for art and a spiritual language speaking directly To YOU.